From Treviso to the sources of the Sile river along the Treviso Ostiglia cycle path. Starting from, take the Sile river cycle path to Treviso. From the city walls, you walk along its perimeter until you reach Porta Santi Quaranta. You leave the city going towards the “old station” and from there, through a cycle-pedestrian underpass, you arrive at the beginning of the Treviso-Ostiglia cycle path.
Nestled in a natural tunnel of vegetation, which offers shade and coolness, you go along the old railway ground towards Padua. From here the path turns right through cycle paths immersed in the countryside where, in spring, it will be possible to observe the mounds of earth that cover the white asparagus of Badoere, to protect them from the light and preserve their whiteness. A short ride to get to the monumental barchessa of Villa Badoer Marcello, known as the Rotonda di Badoere.
Now you cycle on secondary roads passing by the giant cypresses and then arrive at the Gran Bosco dei Fontanassi, the place where the river Sile flows out from the ground.
After visiting the springs, the route continues towards the Cervara Oasis, an ideal place for children who will have the opportunity to observe the Cicogne aviary, the mill and the surprising flight of owls. Finally to round off, the wonderful Via dei Mulini will give you the twist ending.