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4 hours


The variety of this tour will leave you speechless. Starting from, you will ride along the river on the cycle path, entering the historic center of Treviso after a handful of kilometers, where you can admire the 16th-century walls and the access gates always adorned with the Venetian lion. Rivers and canals that border and cross the city will guide you until the beginning of the old Treviso-Ostiglia railway, now a shaded cycle path with old stations. After leaving the old railway and crossing the beautiful Badoere, where you can take a short break, you will enter the countryside. An enchanted place awaits you inside the “fontanassi” woods, where you will discover the resurgence of the Sile river. Take the time to savor your destination and breathe in the magical atmosphere of this hidden nature.

Returning to the road, you will retrace your steps along the old railway until Quinto di Treviso, crossing reed beds and admiring old mills, with some more challenging sections along the edges of the Canova airport. Some stretches of secondary road will be necessary to connect you to another cycle path that will give you a view of the church of Sant’Angelo overlooking the river and lead you back to the city. After leaving the historic center, but only after admiring the splendid Piazza dei Signori, you will arrive at, where we will be ready to advise you on a well-deserved dinner after spending a day in the saddle.

Tour info

  • Recommended departure: between 8:30 a.m. and 12:00 p.m.
  • Recommended period: all year round
  • Included: rental, navigation, roadside assistance.


Fitness level


Dirty road

Recommended bikes


25 €


40 €


40 €


55 €