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4 hours

Bike + train

Starting from, you will ride down along the river Sile and its villages. Casier, with the cemetery of Burci, the ancient boats abandoned by the Serenissima, used until a few centuries ago for the transportation of goods along the river. Lughignano, with its medieval church and the ancient furnace. Casale sul Sile, with its small harbor and the spectacular Venetian villas along the river. Musestre, a small ancient village and set opposite Quarto d’Altino, with its Roman archaeological site. These are just some of the wonders that will accompany you during the ride along the river. Then, you will leave the cycle path to explore the countryside, riding on secondary roads that will take you close to Venice’s Marco Polo airport. From there, you will look out onto the Venice lagoon, and you will ride along it for a long stretch, admiring its islands and bell towers from the shore. Forte Marghera will be the last outpost on the mainland before crossing the Ponte della Libertà, which will triumphantly take you to the most unique city in the world. Near the train station, you can store your bikes at the Bici Park and take a walk through the alleys and small squares or a ride on a gondola through bridges and canals. A dense network of trains ( equipped for bike transportation will take you back to Treviso in less than an hour. Alternatively, you can stop for the night and take a walk in an almost deserted Piazza San Marco, breathing in a magical atmosphere. We will welcome you the following morning at with a good cup of coffee.

The thrill of arriving in Venice by bike is priceless! Riding along the Sile river park, crossing the countryside, and coasting along the Venice lagoon is a unique experience in every season.

Tour info

  • Recommended departure: between 8:30 a.m. and 10:00 a.m.
  • Return train:
    S.Lucia Venice station (ticket not included)
  • Return time: a train is available about every 15 minutes
  • Recommended period: from February to November
  • Included: rental, navigation, roadside assistance.


Fitness level


Dirty road

Recommended bikes


25 €


40 €


40 €


55 €

Note: prices refer to bike rental only, Bici Park and train ticket costs are not included.