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3,5 hours

Bike + bus

From Treviso to Caposile along the Sile River bike path to reach the Venice Lagoon. The journey starts from and you are immediately welcomed into the natural park of the Sile River. The historical use of the river as a means of transportation becomes apparent after a few kilometers with the arrival at the “Cimitero dei Burci”. It’s a stretch of abandoned boats that today host many species of animals and plants. The route passes through wonderful villages overlooking the river such as Casier, Casale sul Sile, Musestre, and Quarto d’Altino, then laps the Venice Lagoon near Portegrandi. From there, a stunning lagoon landscape, rich in history and nature, will lead you to Caposile where, crossing a bridge of boats, will mark the end of your descent along the river.

Just a few steps from the church, in a large parking lot, the bus will arrive to take you and your bikes back to Along the way, you can grab a simple sandwich at one of the beautiful kiosks or sit down for a seafood spaghetti at one of the many restaurants or farms. It’s a day that will fill your eyes and heart with unique landscapes, to the rhythm of the slowest flowing resurgence river in Europe.

Tour info

  • Recommended departure: between 8:30 a.m. and 11:00 a.m.
  • Return bus:
    Via IV Novembre, 1A
    30024 Caposile
  • Return time: 5:30 p.m.
  • Recommended period: from February to November
  • Included: rental, shuttle, navigation


Fitness level


Dirty road

Recommended bikes


45 €


60 €


60 €


75 €