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2 hours


At the departure from, you will descend for a short distance along the river Sile following its original course. Among the tree branches, you will already notice the first villas, legacy of the Venetian nobles. A short walk on the Burci footbridge to discover the ancient boats and then reach the beautiful view of Villa Valier with its staircase that slopes towards the cove. Retrace your steps and after crossing the river and the center of Silea, you will encounter Villa Bianchini. Continuing on, it will be the turn of the territory of Carbonera and Villa Tiepolo Passi, where you will easily hear the song of peacocks. The tour will then take you inside the Storga Park, in a silent nature where paths intersect and lead you to the Sant’Artemio complex, a former psychiatric hospital and current headquarters of the Province of Treviso offices. Now the park and villa blend with your entrance into Villa Manfrin, with its semispherical citrus grove, its water lilies and ancient trees, and it will be the last stop before arriving in Treviso. A short detour to the Madonetta church and then a triumphant parade of gardens and villas along Viale Felissent. Porta San Tomaso and the walls will take you along the Sile river, the last stop just a few meters from will be Villa Ninni Carisi.

Tour info

  • Recommended departure: between 8:30 a.m. and 4 p.m.
  • Recommended period: all year round
  • Included: rental, navigation, roadside assistance.


Fitness level


Dirty road

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25 €


40 €


40 €


55 €